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Serenity Care-Support is a Home Care Provider specialising in Personal Care and Home Support Services to residents of the Bradford and Calderdale District Areas.

Serenity Care-Support is a Home Care Provider specialising in Personal Care and Home Support Services to residents of the Bradford and Calderdale District Areas.

Serenity Care-Support is a Home Care Provider specialising in Personal Care and Home Support Services to residents of the Bradford and Calderdale District Areas.

Winner of Home Care’s Top 20 Providers in the Yorkshire and Humber Region 4 years in a row!

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High quality home care and social support

At Serenity Care-Support we’re committed to making a positive difference to people’s lives.

We provide the highest quality community-based social care and support services that enable people to live independently in their own homes.

We tailor the service package we offer to meet each
individual’s unique needs.

Examples of the services we offer include:

We expect our team and all those working with us to behave in a way that is consistent with our values, and practise Dignity and Respect In Care at all times.

Our services are provided in line with the key research findings of the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

Testimonials from some of our clients

Words alone cannot express our thanks and eternal gratitude to the manager and her team who supported my dad with end of life care. My dad had been hospitalised for almost 3-weeks when it was agreed that to fulfil his and our wishes, a fast track discharge to our home would be put in place. The hospital contacted many care providers to arrange support, none of whom had any availability, whilst the manager and her team were in the same position, they recognised the urgency and importance to us and she and the co-manager simply agreed to cover my dads care to ensure he could return home. They exceeded all our expectations in every way, themanager and her team have skills that cannot be taught a genuine passion for the care they provide, and how this is delivered. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Had it not been for the manager and her team, we would not have had a final and treasured 48-hours with my dad. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a key part of the magic that ensured my dads final.
Review from Alison W (Daughter of Client)
Care for mum began in August when she was discharged from hospital after breaking her hip. She had also been diagnosed with dementia and cancer. Care commenced and she was still able to move around with her walking frame. The girls who came 4 times a day to help her were so caring and helpful. Mum slowly 
started to deteriorate and required more and more help which the Carers stepped up to. Helping her get out of bed, dressing and helping her with her meals. Towards the end of mum’s life, we had two carers per visit as she became bed-bound. Two carers per visit was an enormous help to my sister and me. They were so caring and compassionate with her. Unfortunately, mum passed away this week, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone concerned with mum’s care.
Review from Jane B (Daughter of Client)
My mother spent years refusing to have a carer; now we have Serenity staff and she adores them and looks forward to their visits. We too. Mum is clear in her head but has become physically weak; she is talked to, helped, cleaned, cared for, gently pushed into doing more than she wants to – to make her 
get up, to walk a little with a frame, use the stairlift, to get downstairs – sit up and read her e-mails….. anything rather than becoming more passive. She responds remarkably and I KNOW this is hard work for the ladies concerned. I live abroad and can only make week-long visits, other family members fill up a rota, and we have all had the same wonderful and supportive experience. Issues of medication, missing prescriptions, delayed delivery of necessary items are all dealt with firmly and quickly by one telephone call because they know who to call and what to say. The messier parts of physical care are dealt with promptly and efficiently and compassionately. And always cheerful!
Review from Walter R (Son of Client)
The manager and her team have been everything I hoped and more from a care provider. The care, compassion, encouragement and respect they have shown my mum and dad through a really difficult period of ill health has been way beyond any expectations. They have communicated so clearly with both my mum and dad and the rest of our family so that everyone’s needs are being met, and concerns put to rest. At the heart of their work is genuine care. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them. I would recommend them in a heartbeat! Thank you to you all xx
Review from Deborah L (Daughter of Client)

Thank you so much for your care service. It was friendly and efficient, and a great comfort to ourselves. This applied to every carer. It moved me to tears on more than one occasion.

Review from Peter C (Client)
I wrote a review for Serenity Care a few months after my father started using their services in December 2018. We were both very happy to find this care service after appalling care from a previous company. As expected as my father’s condition progressed his needs changed and became more complex and sadly he passed in July. The manager and all her staff adapted and met these challenges head-on. She was always available to discuss anything that came up and supported my father with compassion, empathy and respect. Sadly lockdown was a particularly difficult time for us all and I lived far from my father but knowing who was caring for him helped ease the anxiety that came with this. Serenity Care Service often helped my father with things that were not within their role and I will be eternally grateful for that. I work in care too and know that the quality of care the manager and her team provide is very difficult to find.
Review from Alison R (Daughter of Client)
We chose Serenity Care to support my father because of very positive reports from a neighbour. At every stage, the reliable support provided was excellent. My father was treated with respect and maintained his dignity. Each member of staff took the time to build a relationship with him taking great care to respond to his needs and requests. The company was flexible and responsive as we needed changes to the support package. Dad needed physical support but was mentally very capable. He enjoyed the varied conversations he had with the carers and appreciated their company. I know they care for many clients, but the service always felt very personal, so much so, that it often felt as if Dad was their only client. It was an enormous support to the family, as we knew that Dad was safe and cared for in his own home where he was settled. This was especially important in the middle of the restrictions of the pandemic. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Review from Barbara I (Daughter of Client)
My Mum is suffering with dementia and has been cared for by every member of staff for over sixteen months with sensitivity, kindness and dignity at all times. Even when her behaviour has been challenging. Mum is now in hospital and it has been decided that she should now go in to a care home but if it hadn’t been for the excellent care she has received, she would have had to leave her own home much earlier.
Review from R H (Daughter of Client)
My mother-in-law who is deaf is so well cared for and tended by carers at Serenity Care-Supported Ltd. We cannot thank them enough for their caring nature and excellent communication with my mum-in-law. The manager always texts me if there’s an issue and she is always so courteous and supportive. Their service is excellent and it made us feel relaxed knowing care is being provided for in a empathetic and approachable way. We thank you so much.
Review from Jane W (Daughter-in-law of Client)
My husband wanted me to write a review about our experience with Serenity, and especially our regular carer. He says he is brilliant and looks forward to him coming every week. He is a very caring young man and shows maturity beyond his years. His care and commitment to my husband’s needs cant be faulted. 
Serenity makes me feel that as a wife, I am also cared for and that they are always there for me in a crisis.
Even the cat loves our regular carer.
Review from Kathleen E (Wife of Client)

When my dad was deteriorating rapidly due to terminal bladder cancer, the district nurses arranged palliative care visits from Serenity Care. We had two carers coming three times a day to wash and change pads/pyjamas/sheets for Dad, who was bed-bound and very, very frail.All the carers who came were incredibly professional, respectful and caring. They looked after my dad with the utmost compassion, maintaining his dignity as far as possible. It was very hard work, as he was too frail to even roll over, but they never complained or hesitated to carry out even the most difficult or unpleasant of tasks. My brother, mum and I were and are incredibly grateful to them all.

One thing that was very noticeable was that every pair of carers worked together really well as a team. They were totally focused on looking after my dad!

Our particular thanks go to one carer who shaved Dad so very gently to help him feel more comfortable and was so kind and encouraging at all of her visits.

Review from Dawn H (Daughter of Client)
My mum was adamant that she did not want to go into a care home ‘I’ll die before I have to go in one of those places’ she kept telling me. So when she did need care the ‘at home’ care was the solution. All the girls [and boy] were brilliant with my mum, very patient, caring, understanding what my mum wanted and needed without being obtrusive to her everyday life. The things they have to do on a daily basis I would freak out but they take it all in their stride with respect and courtesy to the client. Any hiccups I had especially with hospital consultants/doctors, Serenity were on my side fighting for Mum every step of the way. They were brilliant and I can’t thank them enough. WELL DONE GUYS!!!
Review from Jane N (Daughter of Client)
My 87 year old dad needed support when he came out of hospital after having a hip replacement following a fall. He was very frail, struggling with mobility and his confidence was low. All the staff at Serenity Care treated my dad with the utmost respect. My dad was very independent and liked to do as much for himself as he could but he needed and appreciated the fact that twice a day he had contact with someone. I was reassured that morning and night I knew someone was not just checking on him but were talking to him. I shall never forget the love and care they showed my dad. Thank you.
Review from Diane D (Daughter of Client)
I can’t speak highly enough about Serenity Care-Support. The carers are professional, flexible and totally reliable. Every visit means a friendly face giving the much-needed care and support my mum needs. Having Serenity Care for my mum takes a weight off my mind. My mum is an anxious person who can 
be awkward at times, but Serenity and their friendly, professional approach have helped my mum to accept the fact she needs carers to help her be able to live at home. With help from Serenity, my mum is now happy to have carers and my family is relieved to have found such a caring company. I would say to anyone contact Serenity for your care needs.
Review from Paula B (Daughter of Client)
The care she received from Serenity Care was wonderful and enabled her to continue to live at home for the last few years of her life. The family built up a wonderful relationship with her carer and felt we could trust her with everything. My grandma cared for her too. I am so glad we had them in our 
lives with them looking after her during the last few difficult months when we couldn’t go visit my grandmother because of Corona. I remember on her birthday in 2020 before the pandemic kicked in that they made her a wonderful mug as a birthday present with pictures of her and my granddad that she treasured very much. This level of compassion and kindness is extraordinary! Thank you so much all at Serenity Care for your love and support.
Review from N R (Granddaughter of Client)

We are committed to excellent communication, high-quality training and professional development for our staff. 

Staff members are provided with a comprehensive induction programme, ongoing training related to their role, and the opportunity to shadow experienced members of staff.

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