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What is Dignity in Care and why is it important?

As the homepage of our website states, at Serenity Care-Support we “ensure that Dignity and Respect in Care is central to everything we do, and practised at all times.” 

But what does that mean exactly? We’ve looked at some of the key principles defined by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) which support Dignity in Care, and how these apply to the services we offer. 

Respect for the individual

Dignity in care is centred around treating the people using our services as respected individuals with their own preferences, choices and opinions. 

This means listening to what they have to say about how they wish to be addressed, how they prefer to communicate, and understanding their own routines for day-to-day life.

Understanding people’s strengths

We focus our home support and personal care services on what people can do, not on what they are unable to do. Providing dignified care means taking the time to understand people’s needs in detail, never assuming we know better than them what they need support with. 

It means including the communities and social groups they belong to into the bigger picture, and understanding their personal skills and capacity. 

Communicating effectively

A big part of respecting people’s dignity is communicating effectively, to ensure that they can understand the services available to them, how those services might meet their needs, and allowing them to decide on the right mix of services for them. 

We ensure that we make the right information available for people to navigate the care system, avoiding unnecessary jargon or technical terms. 

We also consider the differing needs of people who speak languages other than English, have learning disabilities, sensory or cognitive impairments or dementia when assessing the most effective communication methods.  

Ensuring freedom of choice

The right of the individual to exercise choice and control over their own life and the type of care or support they receive is vital to their dignity as a person. 

From selecting the specific services that they want to use, to the smaller, day-to-day decisions on how those services are provided, we are always guided by our service users’ choices. 

Facilitating autonomy

We prioritise autonomy – making sure that support is provided in the way the individual requests it, and making sure that the options available to them are clearly communicated so that they are always able to make an informed decision about their own care or support. 

We don’t seek to influence or direct people’s choices – only to inform, communicate and listen.

Finding out more

If you’re interested in learning more about home support services and personal care in the Bradford or Calderdale districts, we’d be happy to talk over your options with you and explain exactly what services are available and how they would work on a daily basis. 

Get in touch with one of our team on 01274 288244 or email us at info@serenitycaresupport.com and we’ll be in touch to arrange a good time to speak. 

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