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Why do people choose Personal Care and Home Support Services?

At Serenity Care-Support we work with a diverse range of people, each with their own different reasons for using our services. 

However, there are a few common answers people give when asked why they chose home support services over an alternative, such as assisted living or full-time residential care. 

If you’re currently in the process of deciding what type of care might be most suitable for yourself, or a family member or friend, the examples below will hopefully give you some insight into why people choose our services.   

Building trust

Accessing personal care in their own home allows people to build one-to-one relationships with the specific care staff working with them. 

Developing trust and understanding is an important part of ensuring person-centred care, and allows service users to feel more comfortable, knowing who they will be dealing with on a day-to-day basis. 

This may not be possible in other care scenarios, for example, in residential care, where staff are working on a one-to-many basis, and there are frequent shift changes or rotations.  

Value for money

Home support services may be a cost-effective option for many people when compared to the expense of assisted living or residential care facilities. 

Whether self-funded, accessing government funds or a mixture of the two, making sure that people get the best quality of care possible, and that it is adapted to suit their needs is vital. 

In many cases, home support services including personal care can meet service users’ needs without the added expense of residential care.

Home comforts

One of the main advantages of home-based care and support is that it allows people to continue to live independently in their own homes. 

It’s no surprise that many people find moving from the home into residential accommodation extremely disruptive and even upsetting, as they are required to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings and feel they have less control over their routine. 

As the saying goes “There’s no place like home” – and supporting people to remain in the comfort of their home, surrounded by their personal belongings, is one of the real benefits of the services we provide.  

Maintaining independence

As well as allowing people to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, home support services also empower them to maintain their independence in terms of their day-to-day life. 

People receiving personal care and support services at home have much greater control over their routine. There are no limits on who can visit them and at what times, they have more choice in terms of the food they eat, the entertainment they prefer, the best time to put the heating on, etc. 

Staying in control of all these decisions about their environment can make a big difference to how independent people feel, even though they may require support in certain areas. 

Finding out more

If you’re interested in learning more about home support services and personal care in the Bradford or Calderdale districts, we’d be happy to talk over your options with you and explain exactly what services are available and how they would work on a daily basis. 

Get in touch with one of our team on 01274 288244 or email us at info@serenitycaresupport.com and we’ll be in touch to arrange a good time to speak. 

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